Effects of bullying in school essay

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The Effects of Bullying in School for Students

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Cause And Effect Of Bullying At School Essay

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Cause And Effects Cyber Bullying Essays

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They also find it very different to fall asleep; knowing that the same basic routine is waiting for them the next day. The Effects of Bullying on a Child Every day in our schools, children are threatened, teased, taunted, and tormented by bullies.

Cause & Effect Essay: Bullying

At any given time, about 25 percent of U.S. students are the victims of bullies and about 20 percent are engaged in bullying behavior (Education World, ).

So, if bullying at school is one of acute troubles of the contemporary society, it is necessary to look at causes and effects of this problem.

Causes of Bullying at School and Its Effects on Children

The most evident reason for bullying is aggression. Ill-bred children do not know how to cope with their aggression. Effects of bullying Many people falsely think that bullying others as well as getting bullied by others is a part of everyone’s life.

Contrary to this misbelief, the truth is that bullying affects an individual beyond anyone’s imagination and in some adverse cases; the victims of bullying are forced to take extreme steps, which can be.

The second effect is that bullying puts the bully at risk of abusing drugs and thus become a school dropout.

The third effect is that bullying puts the victim and the. School is a place of great stress with the educational workloads alone, but the burdens continue to be laid on young people; bullying within schools is not a recent occurrence, but with the added stress of other academic alterations, bullying greatly impacts the young people within school structures.

One of the most common effects of bullying is the feeling of loneliness and sadness. Kids who get bullied at school are seen spending lesser time with their parents and siblings. These kids also refrain themselves from going out as well as mingling with peers. The reason is that these kids are going through extreme mental stress and disappointment.

Effects of bullying in school essay
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